Net Serve

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Reliable Data Center Operations in Secaucus, NJ and the Surrounding Areas

When it comes to data center operations in Secaucus, NJ, Net-Serve is the only name you need to remember. Depend on us to maintain your technology and data centers, emphasizing physical equipment data and physical connectivity. Our service includes power supplies, fans, hard drives, and much more. We're ready to provide on-site, hands-on work for an impressive range of projects, including:

  • Rack & Stack
  • Equipment Connectivity
  • Circuit & Network Cabling Connectivity
  • Staging and installation projects
  • iMAC
  • Vendor Support
  • Break Fix field services
  • Cage buildout, IDF and Telecom rooms
  • Decommission Appliances, Switches  and Storage Chassis
  • Dedicated Onsite Services
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Working on Cabling

Patching new equipment

Executing a Patching Matrix is one of our most important regular daily operations. We work closely with the network team and server engineers to ensure the cable Matrix provided is correctly executed the first time. All new cable connections are always properly labeled and dressed in as neatly as possible using velcro only.

Vendor Support

Count on us to always have your back. Our on-site vendor support services are ideal when you have a third-party Field Engineer coming in for an upgrade or replacement. We'll stay with the engineer during the project to ensure that everything works perfectly.

IMAC (Installations,Moves, Adds, Changes)

Our iMAC service is perfect for any office space planning to restructure the office furniture layout, add or take away data work stations, or expanded to new floors. Our technicians ensure that you're able to achieve connectivity on all your computers, networks, and database appliances.

Circuit Extension

Circuit extension services are routine parts of any active Data Center. We can provide on-site services to extend, test, verify connectivity, and link. We have light meters and four-pair testers available at our disposal to ensure circuits are accurately extended as per the client's request. Every effort is taken to communicate with the client and the circuit provider to gain knowledge of patching points to complete the circuit connectivity. Then provide remote hands during the testing phase. Labeling is also an important aspect of all cable-related tickets. We make a point to match the cable label format of the existing infrastructure for simple verification down the road.